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Based in Chicago for the past 50 years, SilbarPR has provided a full suite of public relations, marketing, and promotions to companies and organizations throughout the U.S. in need of effective PR, but are unsure how to obtain it. Our expertise in strategic planning, message development, and media relations will help you make an immediate impact, and provide you with opportunities to further engage your target audiences.



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brings to your company or organization 50 years of expertise in Publicity, Strategic Communications, Promotions, Business/Event Marketing. Our clientele hails from a variety of industries including Restaurant & Hospitality, Resort Travel, Golf & Tennis, Health & Fitness,  Health & Medicine, Grocery,  Non-Profits, and much more. 


We provide extensive experience in print and broadcast media relations, development of written materials, strategic planning, goal-setting, message creation and brand recognition campaigns.  There are a number of key elements to a successful PR campaign, and at SilbarPR, we take the time to guide our clients on the road to achieving that success.

How to Contact Us:

(847) 845-7548

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