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Are we your only client?


It's a question that always brings a smile to our face.


It’s also reassurance that we are providing highly personalized service and hands-on attention that's hard to come by in today’s fast paced, 40-character, live-in-the-moment environment.


It's also why so many long-standing relationships we’ve built with clients over the years have developed into friendships that will last a lifetime.


We encourage our clients not to label us as ‘outside vendor’ but instead, as an extension of their internal marketing, communications, and management team. Like any good partner, we’re available 24–7 and always take the time to discuss the business at hand...whether it's a five-minute phone call or a several hour meeting.


And with camera nearly always in hand, we are often mistaken as our client’s ‘official photographer’ or asked what newspaper we're with. Because a media opportunity may happen spur of the moment, we use our experience to capitalize on every opportunity to secure exposure for our clients.

WGN-TV Covers The Grand Food Center
The par-4 17th hole on The Brute GC at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
The WGN Morning News is Around Town with Midtown Athletic Club and its Tennis in No Time program
Representing clients in a wide variety of industries including:
Restaurant & Hospitality, Resort Travel, Golf & Tennis, Health & Fitness,  Health & Medicine, Grocery,  Non-Profits, and much more. 


SilbarPR has 50 years of experience in Publicity, Strategic Communications, Business and Event Marketing, and Promotions on a local and national level.


In a half-century, we have established a rock solid reputation for creativity, honesty, and aggressiveness.  Many of the firm's programs created for clients are among the most
well-known in the Chicagoland market.  The agency has wide experience in national media contacts and has amassed a considerable contact list for media, political and business executives in the Chicagoland and Illinois marketplace.


Noteworthy is our ability and know how in generating free exposure by creating ideas and promotions that competing agencies have not undertaken, as well as linking with current events to generate media exposure.

We pride ourselves on maximizing press coverage for every client, and also aims to creative and incredibly memorable special events and promotions, which convey our clients' name and message to the intended target audience.


We understand that each client has their own needs, and it is our job to do everything possible to meet those needs.



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